Miron Zownir »The invisible« - photo exhibition

Opening: September 14th 2018 at 7pm

14.9. - 21.10.18 | Opening hours: every day from 12 am to 8pm 

Finissage and artist talk with Miron Zownir: 21 October 21st 4pm 

Curator: Petra Schröck, BrotfabrikGalerie

As part of the European Month of Photography the Brotfabrik Gallery presents photographs by the German-Ukrainian artist Miron Zownir in Berlin. His photographs from Moscow (1995) are documenting the severity of the post-Soviet decay phenomena, when 300,000 people lived in mostly inhumane conditions on the streets. Regardless of public attention, there was a social state of emergency, which he shows in his portraits of beggars, injured and addicts. The photographs taken in Ukraine in 2012 capture the signs of the political upheavals that shook the country in 2014: homeless youth in Odessa, conditions in a children's home in Chernivtsi, the Maidan in Kiev.

Born in Germany, he is one of the most radical photo chroniclers of the present day. In relentless black and white pictures Zownir makes the life of outsiders visible. They are to be understood as a call for social reflection on global crimes against human rights. The pictures are timeless and characterized by empathy with his protagonists.


Caligariplatz 1
13086 Berlin


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