Georgian National Museum of Fine Arts - Urban Maze

Georgian National Museum of Fine Arts showcases the Exhibition URBAN MAZE during KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2015 including photography by Miron Zownir

Embark on a journey into the labyrinth of urban life

Urban Life is marked by people coming together, building different groups, forming a milieu, sub- or counter-culture. The anonymity of the big cities comes often with isolation and loneliness as well. The cosmopolitan life has always been an inspirational source for several artists. The unique view of the photographers, visualizing the flair and lively atmosphere, is as diverse as their inhabitants and their way of life. Artists: Bogi Bell, Manfred Bockelmann, Dieter Bork, Lica Cecato, Leon Cockuyt, Heinz Held, Fritz Henle, Irmel Kamp, Berta Katona, Udo P. Klein, William Klein, KRITZKRATZ, Locano, Uwe Oldenburg, Hans Petri, Rolf Phillips, Karin Richert, Kaddy Saidykhan, Alfred Särchinger, Elmar Schmitt, Karl Hugo Schmölz, Jürgen Wassmuth, Miron Zownir and many more.

The exhibition is curated by J. & V. Koppelmann; Coordinator: T. Gogichaishvili

Opening: May 2nd 2015

Duration: May 2nd – May8th 2015

Sh. Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts
L. Gudiashvili Str. №1

Tbilisi, Georgia

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