THOSE DAYS ARE OVER is undoubtedly one of the most unusual and impressive cross-media collaborations between two Berlin artists this summer.

Both are like-minded individuals with passion and untamed creativity, who sooner or later seemingly had to find each other and are now releasing a new Audio-CD.

Mona Mur, whose musical career began in the early 1980s with her New Wave punk band Mona Mur & The Tenants (with Gode, Mark Chung, FM EINHEIT and Alexander Hacke), created an absorbing, mysterious soundscape with the setting of Miron Zownir's English-language poems, absorbing the idiosyncratic expressiveness of the poet with her mystic voice and musical compositions full of powerful melancholy and provocative wildness.

Lucky enough to encounter Mona Mur, in her musical art, as a skillfull composer and singer and in person, as a woman of grace, I feel a strong admiration and respect for her profound inner beauty and sparkling creativity, that seems to have grown steadily in all those days and with all the ups and downs of life. She always was and strongly remains an hyper empathetic soul, wanting to break all chains, energetic and sensitive and always full of inventive power.

Mona Mur transforms 15 poems by photographer, writer and filmmaker Miron Zownir, which Stanley Kubrik's scriptwriter Terry Southern has long ago nicknamed "Poet of Radical Photography", into deeply disturbing "Poetronica" revealing a cynical “outsider” perspective onto the many superficial surfaces of our lifes ...” ( Nico Anfuso, Berlin 2018)

The CD will be exclusivley available for presale at the upcoming live events with Mona Mur.


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