The Dazed & Confused Edition “Encore” celebrates radical visions for the future, with a review of Miron Zownir’s photobook THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW, selected as "BOOK OF THE MONTH" 



Photos of Berlin’s freaks and fringe outsiders over 30 years

Miron Zownir captured the weirdest and most wonderful characters that ruled the city’s underbelly both before and after the fall of the Berlin wall.

The underground icon has spent his life giving a platform to those existing on the outside; whether it’s the dangerous, sexual energy of pre-gentrification NYC, or the horrifying plight of Russia’s homeless community, Zownir’s oracular, monochrome stills shift their viewer’s gaze to worlds that go otherwise concealed. It’s a mode that led the late writer Terry Southern to proclaim him the “radical poet of photography”.

Berlin Noir, the latest book from the German photographer, sees him continuing to delve beneath the surface, presenting a sprawling retrospect of the eponymous city’s subcultural underbelly. Compiled of photos taken between 1978 and 2016, it follows previous work NYC RIP as an ode to inner-city otherness. The Berlin of Miron Zownir’s lens is timeless in its documentation of the dirty, weird, sexy and shocking. 

 To mark the book’s release, DAZED spoke with Zownir about the ever-present threat of gentrification in cities, living without artistic compromise and why he likes black and white better than colour.




See NY’s underbelly through these controversial characters

Photographer Miron Zownir spent nine years candidly capturing the city’s underbelly and the people who kept it alive...




features Miron Zownir’s photobook DOWN AND OUT IN MOSCOW with an article by Ashleigh Kane and images documenting the disastrous situation within the homeless crisis in the Russian capitol in the mid-90ies…

 ““Looking at those pictures I still feel helpless and sad. My photos didn’t change anything for anyone involved in this human tragedy. Would anyone learn from it? I doubt it. Feel compassion? Probably but to what consequences?” (Miron Zownir)




The best photographers working in black and white

Working with issues like abandonment, mental illness, erotica and poverty, these visionaries shut down black and white photography’s naysayers

In a world that is predominantly ruled by colour images – nowadays everyone is a photographer, and their solo exhibitions can be viewed on Instagram – it’s rare to come across artists who primarily work in black and white. Photography was born black and white, and some photographers choose to continue this tradition, while working on evolving the visual aesthetics of this raw art form.

Modern-day photographers like Daido Moriyama, Igor Posner, Miron Zownir and Eamonn Doyle use abstraction and graphical means to get their messages across. These visionaries document issues like abandonment, mental illness, erotica and poverty. Their work obliterates the false preconception that black and white photography is outdated and less expressive.