COVER PHOTO by Miron Zownir in Berlin's monthly culture and reportage magazine EXBERLINER, according to the GUARDIAN ”one of the best expat magazines in Europe"... 


Booked for the holidays

In the analogue spirit, we’ve rounded up the best new local reads for every naughty-or-nice Berliner on your Christmas gift list. For anyone who thinks they’re edgy because they’ve been to Berghain: Miron Zownir: Berlin NOIR


Berlin 2002-2012 in photographs by Miron Zownir

The veteran German photographer, film director and writer, famous for his haunting visual depictions of fringe cultures and society's underbelly, shares his last 10 years in Berlin with Exberliner readers.




EXBLICKS: Miron Zownir Retrospective

Starting this Sunday, the bleak and beautiful work of director and photographer Miron Zownir receives the retrospective treatment at Lichtblick Kino (June 26-29). From features to docos to shorts, don't miss the singular Berliner's work on offer.


Miron Zownir: Warm showers and serial killers

INTERVIEW: Miron Zownir. Existential photographer, writer and muse of 'Radical Man' appears alongside the film at EXBlicks on Mon, Feb 20 at Lichtblick Kino. Here's a taste.