Italian translation of Miron Zownirs noir novel UMNACHTUNG


At the same time as the photographic retrospective at the International Center for Photography in Palermo, Miron Zownir's dazzling noir novel Tenebre su Kreuzberg is published in Italy in the summer of 2021 by Milieu Edizioni.

As in his photographs, also in his writing, Zownir's attention is focused entirely on the marginalized in society: unsolved and torn by inner conflicts they dragging themselves along in search of something they cannot even identify until reaching an incurable state of self-distance. Hallucinations are bearing connotations of dreams: reality, psychological crisis and the dream dimension then burn up in a narrative that becomes a spiral of madness. Between the alleys of Kreuzberg, the most characteristic and alternative quarter of the German capital, Zownir's pen moves like a shot between light and shadow. With an artistic sensitivity that captivates, the "poet of radical photography" urges us once more to look at diversity and taboos and not look the other way.

Publisher: Milieu Edizioni, Milano/Italy

Language: Italian

Year: 2021


Format: 14 x 21cm

Pages: 256, including Berlin images by Miron Zownir

Price: € 16,90 

ISBN 978-3-95988-023-7



THOSE DAYS ARE OVER  is undoubtedly one of the most unusual and impressive cross-media collaborations between two Berlin artists this summer.

Both are like-minded individuals with passion and untamed creativity, who sooner or later seemingly had to find each other and are now releasing a new Audio-CD.

Mona Mur, whose musical career began in the early 1980s with her New Wave punk band Mona Mur & The Tenants (with Gode, Mark Chung, FM EINHEIT and Alexander Hacke), created an absorbing, mysterious soundscape with the setting of Miron Zownir's English-language poems, absorbing the idiosyncratic expressiveness of the poet with her mystic voice and musical compositions full of powerful melancholy and provocative wildness.

Lucky enough to encounter Mona Mur, in her musical art, as a skillfull composer and singer and in person, as a woman of grace, I feel a strong admiration and respect for her profound inner beauty and sparkling creativity, that seems to have grown steadily in all those days and with all the ups and downs of life. She always was and strongly remains an hyper empathetic soul, wanting to break all chains, energetic and sensitive and always full of inventive power.

Mona Mur transforms 15 poems by photographer, writer and filmmaker Miron Zownir, which Stanley Kubrik's scriptwriter Terry Southern has long ago nicknamed "Poet of Radical Photography", into deeply disturbing "Poetronica" revealing a cynical “outsider” perspective onto the many superficial surfaces of our lifes ...” ( Nico Anfuso, Berlin 2018)

POP KULTUR 2019  "Das 2018 erschienene Album »Those Days Are Over« ist eine cross-media-Zusammenarbeit von Sängerin, Performerin und Komponistin Mona Mur mit dem Fotografen, Schriftsteller und Filmemacher Miron Zownir. Mur (die am Freitag bei Pop-Kultur mit voller Band ihr neues Album »Delinquent« vorstellt) transformiert 15 Gedichte Zownirs in tiefgreifend verstörende »Poetronica«, die eine zynische Außenperspektive auf die vielen Oberflächen unserer Existenz wirft. Mur, die ihre musikalische Karriere in den frühen 1980ern begann, schuf eine mysteriöse klangliche Landkarte aus den englischsprachigen Texten von Zownir und absorbiert die idiosynkratische Expressivität des Dichters mittels Stimme und Sound in Kompositionen, die gleichermaßen von Melancholie und provokativer Wildheit geprägt sind."




Birol Ünel reads Miron Zownir : Parasites of Hopelessness

Actor Birol Ünel (HEAD ON, SOUL KITCHEN) is regarded as an unpredictable rebel and yet he is one of the most intense actors of German cinema.
Now, for the first time, his charismatic voice is to be heard in a German language audiobook.
Ünel reads bizarre short stories and hard boiled poetry from the book PARASITES OF HOPELESSNESS (Parasiten der Ohnmacht) written by Miron Zownir and published by Mox & Maritz in 2009.

Empathetic and venturous at the same time, he sets out on a fearless descent into existential nightmares of paranoia, violence and corruption, taking us right into the bleak souls of the lost and twisted...

The music for Zownirs striking literary cross-over was composed and performed by avant-garde musician FM EINHEIT (Ex-Einstürzende Neubauten). His electrifying soundtrack totally conspires with Zownir's disturbing tales from the darkside, and, as one of the world's best percussionist, he hits the author's literary heartbeat with every tune

Apart from interviews with actor BIROL ÜNEL and author, photographer and filmmaker MIRON ZOWNIR, the “MAKING OF” – DVD also contains film recordings of Ünel' s reading rehearsals, as well as a photo show by "The Poet of Radical Photography" Miron Zownir illustrating his short story FINAL DESTINATION.

Audio book (CD/DVD)  with 13 short stories from Zownir's book „PARASITEN DER OHNMACHT“ and music by FM Einheit

Label: Universal Family Entertainment/Deutsche Grammophon Literatur
Language: German
Release:  2011
Price: €25,99
Format: 14 x 12 cm
Features: CD 76 Min., DVD 34 Min.
EAN: 0602527763880

Паразити на безсилието / Parasites of Hopelessness

Bulgarian translation of PARASITES OF HOPELESSNESS

Following Miron Zownir ‘s debut novel NO EASY WAY OUT a collection of quirky short stories, poems and photographs entitled  PARASITES OF HOPELESSNESS was published in 2009 by mox & maritz. This book has now been translated into Bulgarian and published by Black Flamingo Publishing, Sofia. Black Flamingo Publishing is a publisher of innovative poetry, drama and fiction from Bulgaria and Europe, well known for their translations of Arthur Schnitzler, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Werner Schwab, Berthold Brecht or Peter Turrini ....

“Zownir’s  short stories, poems and aphorisms are like most of his photographs, focusing on outsiders that are grown in the depths of society: prostitutes, junkies, psychopaths, homeless people, members of different subcultures or freaks.
The illustrations are blunt, bitter, and thus a violent image of possible realities. In the darkest, dirtiest corners of New York, Moscow, London or Berlin Zownir has sought and found, what others don’t want to see in order not to destroy the illusion of a perfect world.
Zownir seeks the misery, the deviant and thus the life away from middle-class standard. You realize the corresponding inspiration to his lyrics, which resembles the relentless approach of, for example, Hubert Selby Jr. ("Last Exit to Brooklyn"). This is Social Beat on the highest level! “ OX FANZINE

Translation by Ekaterina Dzhuteva and Vassil Haralampiev

Short Stories, Poems and Photos by Miron Zownir

Publisher: Black Flamingo Publishing, Sofia
Language: Bulgarian
Release: 2013
Price: лв.18
Format: 21 x 14 cm
Features: 112 pages, photos, paperback
ISBN-13: 9789542915294

Parasiten der Ohnmacht (Parasites of Hopelessness)

In his second book PARASITEN DER OHNMACHT (Parasites of Hopelessness) Zownir once again doesn't comfort you with easy reading. There should be a caution notice applied for all those who expect charming entertainment and instead might get hurt by Zownir's "razor blade literature": Executions in the afternoon TV program, launching pads for the ones that are tired of life, interchangeable genitalia for all who can afford it.

Virtual heroes and real losers, rampaging killer, drug addicted freaks and escaped lunatics –

Zownir finds plenty of alternates for our twisted world, carrying absurdities, perversions, and his ludicrous visions of future beyond the moral limits of good and evil.

"Social Beat on the highest level!" OX FANZINE

"Miron Zownir's parasites have a future and this is frightening." JUNGE WELT

“Compared to Bukowski Zownir is a punk. High on Crystal he sticks safety pins through his fluttering eyelids, whereas Bukowski just fell off the chair drunkenly." VICE MAGAZINE

“We enter spheres of society, of which we would like to think that they would not exist. But Zownir will not let us get away with the pious white lie that everything is just fictitious.

Even though the places and people in his relentless stories are fictional, his photos reveal  that they can’t be very far away from us. " TAZ

Short Stories, Poems and Photos by Miron Zownir

Publisher: mox & maritz Verlag, Bremen
Language: German
Release: 2009
Price: €17,80
Format: 19,2 x 12 cm
Features: 180 pages, 20 s/w photos, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978- 3-934790-15-5

Kein schlichter Abgang (No easy way out)

"Basically I wasn’t better off than years ago when I arrived at Kennedy Airport completely broke with two suitcases and still living on slimming drops. Now I was dead broke, ten years older and had only one suitcase. And I was in a whole lot of trouble...”

Roland Skollani was sick of Pittsburgh. This city was the dead-end of his failed dreams and even dope didn’t help his choking fits no more. It had been a mistake to leave Hollywood and to follow Rita. Maybe it was a twist of fate, that there were only a few days left to leave his ex-wife’s house. Now he MUST act. Rita had a new lover and he didn’t mind, but why of all people did she choose this greedy, corrupt cop Lennon? Skollani knew from the beginning that it was wrong to respond to Lennon's offer and become a Repo Man for his dubious claims. But he had no choice. He was deep in the hole. His life was a mess. However before he would let a guy like Lennon put the noose around his neck, Skollani put everything on the line he was able to call up: his whole screwed up existence that had remained empty between illusion and reality, except for a collection of insane crimes.

"The Berlin photographer Miron Zownir, who in the middle of the 90's rose to fame with his inexorable photobook for lovers of true photography “Radical Eye”, created with his pulp novel  “Kein schlichter Abgang” a travel guide out of a landscape of limited possibilities. A straight written book without any compromises”  TAZ

"Very strong and fascinating." Thomas Woertche

"Miron Zownir returns, packs you under his arm, drags you away like a reader hostage, stops with you, presses you in between the lines, opens your nostrils and says: "smell, how poverty smells. (...). I was in the middle off it. More, dear reader, can a book and an author not accomplish.” JUNGE WELT  (Peter Wawerzinek)

Novel by Miron Zownir

Publisher: MirandA Verlag, Bremen
Language: German
Release: 2003
Price: €12,80
Format: 12 x 19,5 cm
Features: 287 Seiten, Softcover
ISBN: 3-934790-06-2

EROTIKA - Drugs and Sexuality

Collection of illustrated writings by Miron Zownir, Poppy Z. Brite, Elfriede Jelinek, Charles Bukowski, W. S. Burroughs, Virginie Despentes, Lucia Etxebarria, Tim Leary, Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Marylin Manson, Joyce Carol Oates, Psychedelic Venus Church, Hubert Selby, Annie Sprinkle, Irvine Welsh, R. A. Wilson a.o.

An illuminating and inspiring anthology on the subject "drugs and sexuality" with experience reports, essays and scientific studies. Various international authors present their taboo-breaking writings in a socio-cultural context. The project “Drugs and Sexuality", dedicated to the removal of taboos, challenges established ideas of sexuality and drugs and describes diversified approaches.
Contents: The Utopia of pleasure - the sex of alcohol - The Grass of Venus - the love on ecstasy - The Psychedelic orgasm - the white lines of desire

 “An extraordinary book – Likewise enlightening, provocative and erotically charged…”


Publisher: KomistA & Nachtschatten Verlag
Editor: Wolfgang Sterneck
Language: German
Release: 2004
Price: €23.00
Format: 20,6 x 14,8 cm
Features: 304 pages, numerous images, Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-03788-121-7